August 20, 2010

Aug 19-20

Just a question...
Who made my kitchen so small?
Natasha, bless her fingertips, helped me can 40lbs of tomatoes AND pick blackberries (though not any for me) on thursday.
And so we canned 11 quarts of tomatoes, 6-250s of classic ketchup, a lot of blackberry syrup and a lot of tomato sauce, I also have a couple pounds of tomatoes dehydrating as I type.
Today I slow roasted some tomatoes in olive oil. I thought that a nice crusty french loaf would go great with it, but the store had none so I made my own. It tastes great and the texture is wonderful. I just need a baguette pan and it would be perfect. With some goat cheese my dinner was amazing.

Bowen, a mini vacation

Bowen, a mini vacation

Shane and I, having missed our planned vacation to the interior decided to take a two nights in Bowen Island, not to far from here at all.
It was a beautiful island, with loads of good food and a cute little cove where we watched a movie under the stars.
The pups loved the cabin we picked
Just a little note here....BUTTER WAS OFF LEASH FOR 10 MINUTES!

Aug 12

Omg! How does it happen??? Now it's the 20th and I have to blog for a weeks worth of happenings!
I mean to do better. honestly.
This was Aug 12, a fine day.
I dried some cherries, at 1 hour and at 30 hours.
During that time Butter and I took some pictures.
Shane and I went for a walk

And we went stupid cat hunting.

stay tuned...

August 11, 2010

Excuse my absence please. I've been a little under the weather. Here's what we've been doing,
Eating these horrible things. Delicious and hard to resist
We bought this pretty thing.
I made a yummy breakfast on our morning off
Obsessing over some almost ripe tomatoes
Keeping an eye on these very close to ready blackberries
And loving walks through this park

August 6, 2010

Garden Update Aug 6

My first eggplant flower
The rainbow chard is doing well
These are the snowpeas I sewed just a week ago
My pepper's are not doing well this year (or last)
This is one of my only flowers
Two squash plants competing
Plenty of tomatoes so far
I believe these are my brussel sprouts
And these are my parsnips
Broccoli in the side bed
Leeks out front