January 31, 2013

Big News!

Hey!  I've got news: we got a new bed.  More news: it looks ridiculous!  Part of the settlement money we received from ICBC we spent on a new bed.  We so desperately needed one, ours was a very cheap ikea set I bought before I met Shane.  That means it was a piece of crap bed that was seven years old, so wonder Shane's back was always so sore.  The reason our bed looks ridiculous is because it's up to my waist, we both have to jump to get on.  And yesterday morning I fell off of it.  The frame we have sit about 12 inches off the ground and provides very essential storage for us under the bed (we live in 450 square feet, remember?), which makes the bed about 8 inches higher than it should be.  We're going to have to live with it until we move to a new place (next summer?), and maybe invest in a step stool.

January 29, 2013

The Weekend

Mom, Hunter and I spent the weekend in 100 Mile House (weird name for a town or what??).  Our reason for going was to see Natasha, (she drove down from Prince George) our reason for staying was the snow!  We had an amazing time playing in the snow and drinking in the sunshine.  There was plenty of great food and delicious treats, fun music and awesome kids.  Mom, Tash and I stayed one night at Spring Lake Ranch, in a two bedroom log cabin with a wood stove and amazing light.  We tried snowshoeing (awesome!) and cross country skiing (need to try again) and even some tubing (totally didn't work), all in the space of 20 hours.  We drank wine and gabbed, it was a much needed breath of fresh air.  

Our second night we spent with Mom's friend Andrea and her kids, who live in 100 mile.  The light in her house was incredible and overnight we were blessed with a thick layer of snow!  We relaxed and drank coffee and cuddled with their new Malamute puppy.  We gave Natasha her birthday gifts, ate cake and baked chocolate chip cookies.  Before we left we squeezed in a heavily snowed walk through the woods behind her house.  Talk about an awesome weekend.  I do believe I found my new happy place. (Sorry for the picture vomit!)
Mountain to Desert transition

January 24, 2013

January 23rd

I took a break yesterday.  A very intentional internet break.  I don't mean that I didn't use it, I couldn't do that, but I made a point to do only what was necessary.  Things like sending emails, looking up recipes, banking.  It came to me as I spent my second hour of the day sifting through pages of material for anything that caught my interest, that this wasn't a productive use of my time, it was a waste in fact.  I wrote this "I need to feel that I am right here, today."  I was January 23rd, the whole darn thing.  So I shut the computer and did all those things I always do, shower, run, drink coffee, clean, cook, but in a relaxed way.  I didn't rush through anything only to find myself back on the couch with computer in lap.  This was January 23rd (until work):

January 22, 2013


Since we last spoke, specifically about our car, a few things have changed.  We received our ICBC settlement, and they gave us a good deal more than we thought they would. Thank goodness for that!

January 14, 2013

January 14

We've been very lucky with some wickedly beautiful weather lately.  Very cold and very beautiful, I absolutely love it!  Here are some snapshots of our gorgeous January winter.

January 7, 2013

January 7

Oh my it's raining.  
A downpour all morning.  
"It's just rain" I told myself as I walked the dog. 
I was very wet.
Now my pants are drying, the floor has been mopped and my fluffy wet dog is napping.  

January 6, 2013


I can officially say the new year has started off with a bang.  Literally.  A very loud bang.  It all started on Friday evening, at 6pm, while we were sitting on the couch, immersed in an episode of Lost, quietly minding our own business, when we heard a loud bang.  Now we live on the backside of a house in the basement, so we figured the noise was from upstairs, them having children and all.  Five minutes later there is a knock at our door and our landlady is telling us that our car was just smashed by a van that took off.  We flew out the door to see the damage and were horrified to see our car sitting 90 degrees from where we parked it with the front quarter smashed in and the axel bent.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

We spent a quiet night at home drinking Stiegl and watching LOST.  We almost didn't make it to midnight, but we woke up enough to kiss and fall into bed.  Early this morning I dragged Shane on a 5 km run (his first!), I was so proud of him!  His tips frosted in the -2 degrees, but we had a wonderful run.  I have two goals for the new year, briefly: more pictures together (we have like 3 from all of 2012!) and adventures, 2013 will be the year of adventures.  So stoked!