February 23, 2013

February 23

Wow, this night shift thing is kicking my butt.
come on money money!
the hardest part of working night shifts is feeling too tired to run,
and when running, just feeling like fainting.
on the plus side, I have every evening to hang out with my family!
that part is awesome!

February 19, 2013

Greetings from Mission Episode 2

We've been in Mission almost six months now.
To me that is crazy, six very speedy months.
We like our tiny house, 
Shane can do dishes in the kitchen and I can curl my hair in the bathroom while we have a regular decibel conversation about LOST.
The floor is swept and vacuumed in three minutes.
And the bedroom goes from clean to dirty as soon as Shane sets down his backpack.
But it suits us well.

February 15, 2013


Yesterday was Valentine's day, and we played it pretty low key. Shane got up early and made me the most adorable breakfast ever. Do you love it? I sure do!  We spent the day in Chilliwack, I gave him a book he had asked for, and these brownies.  We had dinner with Chris, Shane's brother who was visiting from Edmonton.  We bought chocolate on the way home and when we got to our front step we saw a package of cookies and a potted flower. (from our secret admirer maybe?)  Of course we just came home to watch four episodes of Lost. And done.

February 13, 2013

February Catch-up

Oh. my. 
How can it be the 13th already?
(I'm both shocked and very pleased)
What can happen in 8 days?
A lot apparently.

February 5, 2013

Chocolate Bundt Cake

I think I have chocolate fever.  Chocolate fever, can that be a thing? Or is that just February?  My mind has been a confusing place, I tell you.  I'm due to be bikini wearing in 32 days, but my delirious fever-y brain is demanding chocolate.  And my will power is questionable at the best of times!  I'm a giver-iner.  Poor Shane, I'm the finest example of a can't-win situation that ever was.  With my mind demanding chocolate I decided to make the chocolate-iest thing I could and it came up to this, which was, as it happens, very good.  It's a nice light chocolate cake.  My favourite part is definitely the glaze, I could eat spoon after spoon of it. (I'm not admitting to anything, but I must say, being the baker has it's perks).  Thankfully for everyone in my house I made only half this recipe, (which still made a huge cake!) and we're three days later with still a half a cake (body over mind! Only one slice a day!).  Go us?

February weekend 1.0

We started February on a good note this time around.  
The first beautiful sunny day of the month was Saturday.
We strapped on our snowboards and headed up the lifts with Kevin and Kim.
It was a very warm and beautiful day.
I'd call it a success even though we left after the power went out and the main chair was down.
Now we can go back with our free afternoon passes!
We had beers with beautiful views and a very overzealous server at Rowena's,
It was all lovely.

February 1, 2013

Dear February,

End of February 2012
Hi there February, I'm pleased to see you today.  I'm just wondering though, why I can't spell your name right, like ever.  I mean it's been 22 years and I still can't spell it, which probably means I'm saying it wrong.  I'm always glad to see your face after January's long 31 days of darkness, I really appreciate how short you are, I mean really.  That might sound like an insult, but I only sorta mean it that way because you see, who I really want to see is June, every other one of you is just in my way.  January though was something else, he's a penny pinching, calorie stealing, good for nothing joy suck.  Sure February, by contrast you're pleasant, you've got chocolate and flowers and birthdays, that's a huge plus in my books. But you are dark and cold and there are way more than 50 shades of grey out there.  Try a million.