July 28, 2012

Boys and their Toys.

Would you believe me if I told you I had to talk Shane into letting me buy this for him?
A charcoal grill.
What kinda guy is he?
One concerned I'm going to freak about money at the end of the month. Ha! 
We got such an awesome deal on this grill.  $99! 
I love shopping for a bbq cover and coming home with TWO bbq covers and a new grill.
Hows that for impulse spending?
Dog loves box.
Very simple to put together. 
We had it done in no time flat.
Boy love bbq +
Girl loves food =
Luckily he can cook easily on it too!
We had cajun spiced chicken quesadillas.  
Super yum!
Don't mind the paint job on the garage, we rent.  
And we're moving!!

July 26, 2012

Date Night

Date night (day) number 7!  Our date was to go hiking.  It's something I like much more than Shane.  Since he isn't a huge fan I wanted an easier hike, more of a walk.  The hills around here are huge and steep, there aren't many non-strenuous hikes to be found.  We hadn't been to Mt Baker before and I've been told it's only 45 minutes across the boarder, so I found a nice easy walk there.  Little did I know that I found a hike at the south end of the park, not the much closer north end.  

List of things I forgot: bread, Off, water, flip flops.

ilife 3.0

Indian Food because of the rain.
Beautiful Roses
Grilled broccoli
Apricot-Raspberry Cobbler
Beet and Almond Socca Tart
Really good Banana Raspberry Chocolate Bread
New lens to replace a broken one
Dental Appt.
Kale and Quinoa Cakes
Mojito #10
Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
Summer Dining
Food Trail
After days of rain
Garden is Alive
Garlic Harvest 
Roasted Apricots and Greek Yogurt

July 14, 2012

Adventure to the Mountains

Adventure in the backcountry is what I should title this post.  Let me explain:  Innocent. Hard. Insane. Disappointing.  With a lot of falling in between.  
1130 - Has no idea what is ahead. 
The trail to Flora Lake starts out inconspicuously.  The first 300 meters show you nothing of the following seven kilometers.  Then the incline starts, 1800 meters in four kilometer.  Insane.  We sweated and cursed and persevered.  We had our huge packs on, we were planning to spend the night at Flora.  They were equipped with tents, sleeping bags, lighters, bug spray, rope, bear spray, food and three small water bottles.  

July 12, 2012

cabin time

Shane and I were lucky enough to be invited up to a friend's cabin this past weekend.  We got the time off work and sped up there late saturday afternoon.  The following three days were filled with sun, beer and swimming.  Pretty prefect I'd say.  There was also coffee, reading, great meals and surprising game of life, mouse catching, party-boating, ant killing, smores and a lot more beer, thunderstorm watching, gin and tonic drinking, ancient indian cave painting viewing, and lots of sunscreen wearing.  Plus one fancy trip to a winery.

July 5, 2012

ilife 2.0

hello there.
life from the iphone here.
mostly instagram...'cause I love it.
we're stretching waaaay back here. 8 days!

July 2, 2012

June Date Night

We went on our June date finally!  You might point out it was July, you would be right.  Our directions were: Step 1: Go to a garage sale. Step 2: Eat lunch.  But we've had no time and the weather has been awful so we decided we'd have brunch instead.  For no reason at all we got dressed up Sunday morning and had brunch at the local hotel.  Unfortunately the food wasn't amazing, as you'd hope it would be, but it was sufficent nonetheless.  Steak and eggs for me, nutella stuffed french toast for him.  Love!

July 1, 2012

Camping Part Two

We went on an adventure.  A quick two night camping trip to Orcas Island in the Saun Jaun's.  This is part two.

The night was cool, the frogs loud.  I woke four more times than usual and fell asleep to the sound of tarp rustling, as it had all night long.  The campsite looked the same when I emerged from the tent the next morning, bundled four layers thick.  The room-temperature butter was hard and food was cold as soon as it came off the grill.