June 30, 2013

Almost July!

The weather of late has turned warm and wonderfully soup-y.  
It's humid like you wouldn't believe,
but I'm so happy, it's like being on vacation!
Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the humidity is how you know you've arrived!
(and we've got central air in our place, which is a wonderful respite)

June 27, 2013

I made this weekend work

So, my week(end) looked like this:
burgers from the diner (delicious! will go back!)
strawberries, a lot of them
two kinds of jam:
strawberry vanilla bean jam (favourite ever!)
perfect strawberry jam (not perfect, too runny)
these almond joy cookies (they were perfect)
a seriously awesome dinner of empanadas and salad

June 21, 2013

June Update

We're in one of those slumpy June weather weeks where everything is cold (for the veggies) and rainy.
I'm always ready for summer in June, but it's never ready for me.
I fall for it every year, like a sucker.
My mom and I went for a rainy hike anyway, we were wet and sweaty,
because even though it's wet it's still 17 degrees.
We went to my waterfall and once again the green of the rainforest took my breathe away.
It always will.

June 18, 2013

Summer Adventures #2

This past weekend Shane, Steph and I went for a grand adventure.  We packed our bags with sleeping bags and tents.  We carved walking sticks, and laced up our boots.  We drove into Hope and then 40kms into the Skagit Valley until we finally reached our trail.  The hike was magnificent, the forest inspiring.  It was the most beautiful hike/walk/sight I'd ever seen.  It took 11.5kms and 3.5 hours of bushwhacking, balancing, shimmying, gawking and general traipsing through incredible (and incredibly diverse) forest before we reached our campsite at Delacy Wilderness Camp.  We were lucky enough to see the wild rhododendrons in bloom, and wildflowers galore throughout our hike.  We spotted snakes and harlequin ducks and two very rowdy dogs.  We heard no cars/trucks/airplanes/trains/boats for 24 glorious hours.  Some of the best hours of my life.  

June 10, 2013

An Epic Begining

We have had the most ultimate start to June.  If these past ten days have been any indication to how our summer is going to go, it might just be the best ever.