April 26, 2013

Real: April 26

Real talk.
It's a three day weekend for me.
I'm so jazzed!
It's spring! 
I'm so happy.
I had a good night sleep in my bed. Can you tell?

April 21, 2013

(Not a complaint)

What to say...
I’m exhausted
These night shifts are too much
It’s all consuming work, all the time.
My body obsesses over sleep.
I’m chronically tired, even with seven hours a night (day)
The days blur together.
Six long nights, six crappy sleeps, six fuzzy evenings.
Then one lone day off.
The highlight of my week, where for 24 glorious hours I don’t have to be at work all day.

April 9, 2013

Anniversary + (late) February Date

Shane and I celebrated our third year of marriage on Saturday past.  We did the things that were perfectly us and combined the celebration with February's date.  In summary: we slept in(!), ate mallorca, took our dog for a walk and then headed to Abbotsford.  Shane bought me a mug (I'm a huge lover of coffee mugs) and a sports bra (it was about time, how sexy right?) and bright pink running socks.  Our official February date was bouldering at the gym.  We didn't do all that well, it's much harder bouldering (climbing without ropes to a hight of thirteen feet) than rock climbing (with a harness), but we had a lot of fun anyways.  (Must do that again!)  For dinner we tried to get a table at a local Italian place, but it was packed and not really our speed anyway.  We defaulted to Cactus Club, like we usually do, but as always the food was great, so we won in the end.  Almost as soon as we got home I had to leave for work, and that was the end of a great day.

April 1, 2013


It’s officially here, Spring. Rarely do I remember feeling the change of seasons so strongly. It’s typically indistinguishable from winter, possibly rising a few degrees, always with rain. This year was different. The rain stopped, the sun came. The temperatures are especially warm during the day and even with a clear sky the nights are not too cold. The flowers have taken a special shine to all the sunlight. Day by day I watch the tulips grow and the daffodils flourish. Overnight the magnolia came to life. Now the air smells sweet, of flowers and dirt, of fresh cut grass and smoky grills. Children run at the parks, everyone leaves their houses. Oh how different our communities would be if weather didn’t keep us inside.