March 31, 2012

22 by 22 - 1/4 update.

As my dear sister pointed out, we are one quarter of the way through the year, which means I'd better get a move on this list!

100 - 10km runs - 10km runs have turned into 10km cross-trainer distances. I'd say this counts.
Go camping three times - Summertime!
Eliminate chemicals from the house...including bleach - so far so good, I haven't bought anything chemically except laundry soap
Read 50 books - I've read 13 books so far this year.
Make one fondant cake - In the works
Plant an awesome garden/do not waste vegetables - I'm on the right track here for sure!
Ride my bike at least twice a week for six months - broken bike :(
Volunteer once - ...eek!
Swim in the lake five times - Summertime!
Two night backpacking trip - Summertime!
Get family photo taken - ...
Do five crafts from my pinterest board - This one will be hard to actually do.
Forage for wild berries and preserve them - Summertime!
One date per month - We're having a blast with these! Month: 1, 2 & 3
Travel on a ferry - Hoping to do this in the summer!
Skinny dip - Summertime!
Sponsor a child
Discover somewhere special in BC - Not yet, again hopefully in the summertime!
Run a half marathon (non-competitively) - yikes! Why did I add this?!
Go 30 days without buying anything I don’t need - I don't know what to say.
Make popsicles - Summertime!!
Finish Europe blog book - Come on Alyssa! Get a move on!

I'm getting there with the list, a lot of my goals occur during the warmer months, as you can see. Which adds a lot of pressure later on, but with Natasha as my accomplice I'll bet we can knock these out of the park!

March 29, 2012


I made a turkey sandwich in March!  I don't know why, it had goat cheese and rhubarb sauce instead of cranberry. I'm having another today!
Shane finished my cold frame! Yes, I agree it's ugly, but it cost $10, so there.
Black gold. (That means soil.)  I planted quite a few lettuces, I hope it works!
Literal shit on my boots.  I went to my dad's farm for manure. (hopefully well aged)
Granola made with apple butter?  I sure hope it's tasty!
Lastly, I had Steph over for dinner.  The meal was rather disappointing green pea soup with curried brown butter and fried paneer. 
Luckily the post dinner Mario Kart Racing more than made up for it.

March 27, 2012


Hi. Hi there, how have you been?
Hi pathetic looking tree and dirt patch.  Please don't keep looking this way. 
 Hi sunbathers at 7 degrees!
Hi feet that forgot about sunlight. 
Hi hungry goose.  You'd chase me if it was summer.
 Hi towel...what happened to you?
Hi yogurt with granola and poached rhubarb 
Hi super yummy potatoes
Hi flowers from my husband, you're lovely 
Hi new tap, you and I will get along great 
Hi tulips I bought myself, pleased to meet you
Hi chamomile seedlings all over the floor 
Hi dog who kicks chamomile seedlings and lays on air intake vents.

March 23, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I've decided it's spring, though it's not an easy decision.  The sun is starting to pull us from our warm houses like chicks cracking our of their eggs.  It's not warm enough to do anything in the garden except ogle little sun thirsty buds and wish the next few weeks would fly by.  I do pine for the end of April already!  On the seed starting floor I've got leeks, onions, chives, cilantro, parsley, catnip, thyme, lobelia, chamomile, brussel sprouts and three tiny pumpkins.  I really hope I didn't jump the gun!  I'm aching for a cold frame to plant tiny radish seeds and cute little lettuces.  I wish my strawberry plants were alive and ready with the rhubarb, which will without a doubt be my first harvest this year.  I've got herbs living on the dining table, big bushes of green, I love it!

I changed out the bed linens from flannel to cotton, and took one comforter off the bed.  I certainly hope it wasn't a rash decision.  Only time will tell how long we'll have sun, my heart aches with pleasure when it kisses my skin and warms me to the bone.  I'm ready for peas and asparagus, so hurry if you would please May!

Good-bye Winter! Party

I forgot to tell you about our F-U WINTER! party!  On the second day of spring, since we were all so blue...okay translucent (almost literally from the lack of sun) we threw a summer themed party, complete with shorts and bbqs.  It was just what we all needed, a night of absolute fun.  And the party worked, the sun came out the next day!
 We started with pina coladas and umbrella straws, super summer!
 There were flower leis.
 We bbqed ribs and burgers. (1st BBQ!)
After a few exciting rounds of Dutch Blitz I grilled pineapple and topped it with coconut-lime caramel sauce. 
There were a few of these before some karaoke.  Unfortunately there is now a video somewhere on the internet of our singing.  Terrible stuff I tell you.  

March 20, 2012

Date Night

Date night number 3!  Even though our plans changed numerous times we did eventually make it to the symphony.  The morning was bright and sunny and we basked in the warmth of vitamin D.  As we drove into Vancouver the day turned stormy and dark, we lost our sun :(  It took a long time but eventually we were in West Vancouver at the Savary Island Pie Company eating the famed lemon buttermilk pie.  Famed for a good reason I might add, it was amazing pie!  It might have been the best slice of pie I've ever eaten! I will henceforth be on a fruitless mission to recreate this perfect slice.  Wish me luck.

We headed downtown after our coffee break and sauntered to the library stopping in the rain for an awesome chicken sandwich.  We ate dinner at Nuba, but I forgot to take pictures of our meal.  Everything was fantastic.  The highlight of our night was listenening to the VSO in the Orpheum.  Spectacular venue, incredible preforrmance.  Cameras were not allowed, so there are no pictures.  I adored The Flying Dutchman by Wagner, it was very inspiring piece.  A great success of a date.

March 18, 2012


Depressed and sad, that is how its been around here.  The weather seems to be eating my soul, I just can't take any more rain!  I've got cabin fever like nobody's business.  Besides working and recovering from a monstrous cold we haven't done much.  We do have big plans for this week, so we might salvage the month yet.

This no-knead bread was easy and awesome
A lot of gym time.
Go Away Snow!
Bonus sunset.
New toy.
Braised lamb shanks with rutabaga and preserved lemon.  From Tender.
Soda bread with currants and cinnamon-honey butter
Awesome greek couscous salad with tzatziki.