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My name is Alyssa Trobacher and I'm 22 years old.  I started blogging a long time ago, my first official post was March 23, 2007 and it was so awful I don't even want you to look!  I've always had good intentions about posting but fell off track, posting here and there but not consistently.  I started Alyssa's Kitchen in October 2010 and have since been a very regular poster.

I've always been interested in food.  I've been cooking as long as I can remember.  I enrolled in an apprenticeship for cooking when I was just 15.  I started school at 16 and quit the field at 18.  Professional cooking is not for me.  But home cooking, the entire process, from gardening to preserving, from dinners to baking, that is what I enjoy.  This blog isn't for everyone, though I do hope you enjoy it.  It's a diary of my kitchen, my cookbook online and a chronicle of my life.

This blog was created so that I could find my recipe, my story and my memories.  I've got them everywhere, online in print, handwritten and in cookbooks, I can't keep track of it all.  So the best of the best is posted here, this way I know where to find my thoughts.  It was created to record my experiences and adventures, and serve as a wonderful window into the past.  I love looking back to see what was happening to me in years past.

I do hope you enjoy what you read, but please ignore the grammatical errors, english never was my forte.

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