May 29, 2012

Hello Life.

Peanut butter and chocolate cookies, payment for lending the neighbor's lawnmower.

May 26, 2012

May Date Night

Our fifth date night was a trip to White Rock, a walk on the pier and a dinner of fish and chips.  Like most of our date nights, it almost didn't happen.  Since taking time off for Mexico, our days off haven't lined up at all.  I took an extra afternoon off work and picked up Shane after his shift.  
The evening was perfect for a walk along the ocean.  The sky was clear, the temperature warm and the wind slight (for the beach anyway).  We walked along listening to the clip clop of our sandals on the wooden deck and watched busy folk catching crab with baited nets.  The salty ocean air blew strong through our hair and in the distance Mt Baker stood covered in silky white snow, impervious to the strong May rays.  As the sun slipped lower we found our dinner at a hot spot called Moby Dick's.  We placed an order to go, and waited patiently for thirty minutes before we finally took our cardboard box across the train tracks and down to the beach.  Hungry seagulls sat patiently as we ate our fish with tartar sauce and dipped our chips in vinegar.  The trains rumbled by a few meters away carrying waving passengers to their distant destinations.  We waved good-bye.

May 19, 2012

May 17, 2012

May 16

-crispy potatoes and fried eggs by my wonderful husband
-an early morning walk with my two
-baked this really nice snack cake with my strawberry rhubarb jam
-ate a very late after-work dinner made by Shane, a steak salad with chimichurri.  <--ah-maz-zing

May 16, 2012

Post Mexico-Pre Work Break

With a lucky two day break before returning to work, I was determined to make the most of it.  In our absense the weather turned wonderful and Monday was a sunny 28 degrees. (perfect!!)  Mom and I took a little hike up teapot hill, where the ferns were unfurling and the light was dancing between the bright green leaves of spring.  The birds sung a song strung together by the wind in the trees and the trickle of heavy streams.

May 15, 2012


Seven beautiful nights in Mexico!  We ate and laughed and did a lot of lounging in the pools.  There was snorkeling and giant sea turtles, 39 degree days and sweating during breakfast.  There were more than a few dance parties, plenty of iguanas, and with more shots of tequila than I can count on two hands.
 The palm trees swayed, coconuts dropped, ankles were twisted and somehow 14 people fit into 11 seats in a van.  The guacamole was plentiful, the sand was everywhere and the breeze gently rocked our hammocks.

May 3, 2012

May 3

Today was:
a sleep-in (in bed until eight-freakin'-thirty!!)

Pedi Party!

Natasha and I invited Steph and Mom over for a pedicure date yesterday afternoon.  The sun came out, the soothing spa music went on, the rhubarb vanilla soda was spiked with gin and we relaxed.  We each took a turn with the foot spa and had our pick of polish.  There were a few episodes with the bubbles getting a little out of hand and a few more mistakes ending with water on the floor.  I made my chocolate chip cookies, we cut up fruit and Natasha made cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches.  Now our toes are ready for sandals!