September 30, 2012

September 29

The other morning (after my 13 km run!) I took Butter to the park behind the library.  I was surprised to find flights and flights of stairs starting at 2nd and climbing to 7th, which in Mission speak is quite a ways uphill.  We climbed the stairs and then back down and found another set, climbed those and back down.  Needless to say my calves are very sore still two days later.

September 27, 2012

where i talk about the boring things.

Life on a strict budget can be quite boring in the blog world.  My days are filled with cooking, running and reading.  Not boring for me per se, but boring to talk about with you.  Here are pictures from the last few weeks that I hadn't got around to sharing.
our daily walk. mount baker just to the right.
where we lay in the grass, and by we I mean Butter and I.

September 18, 2012


I'm humming, and I don't know the song.  A single line keeps running through my head on a continuous loop, I try to dig it out while I'm making dinner.  The picnic basket is packed, wineglasses and spoons. A pretty checkered blanket sits next to our shoes by the door, waiting.  We walk, him with the picnic basket, me with the blanket and my ever charged camera, to the park a few feet away.  Looking across the distance we aim for shade.  I find myself whipping the blanket out on a shady slopped hill under a beautiful green tree, only a few feet away from a hillside of dropped apples, slowly decaying.  We lay down and find how slopes are conducive to sight.
"Nice mountains" Shane comments, I'm not sure what he is referring to.
"Yes, Baker is gorgeous from here." I counter back.  And she is, from here our mountains are visible, and we feel safe.

September 14, 2012

September 14

I wish I had something to show you.
I'm just cruising along.  you know?
early morning runs, early morning hikes
(i was paranoid about bears, if you must know)
so carried a stick.
to kill them if they came to close.

September 10, 2012

A little less wise

So I got my wisdom teeth taken out.
it feels awesome!
joking of course, it feels terrible.

September 6, 2012


i've been getting up in the mornings with shane.
rather, half an hour after shane.
we have a cup of coffee together and rush out the door.
it's 5:20 when i drop him off at the train station.
butter and i drive across the bridge to the matsqui trail to do our morning run.
i have this little run to do, remember?

September 4, 2012

greetings from mission

hello there!
we're moved, and let me tell you!
it was nuts.

thank you so much to the best friends ever, for pulling through on your saturday mornings!
and a huge thanks to my sister and my dad who came to my rescue!
you guys are awesome, and i totally owe you!

apart from the stress and insanity it was kinda fun.
shane was so helpful with the move, and kept his cool where i didn't (and vice verse)
we went crazy on the unpacking and within twenty-four hours were box free.  
it helps that our new place is the size of four boxes.

i donated/sold/stored sooo much stuff before we left
and the first thing i did when unpacking was set up another donate box.
there are three now.

we're three nights in now and i've discovered:
rocko's diner. su-weet!
two amazing, beautiful, fantastic runs on the matsqui trail
the grocery store
the liquor store
the bank
my new favourite produce store
the best landlord in the whole wide world
hiking in heritage park
(rediscovered) how whiney shane is when he's sick
a pack of coyotes
the library
the train station
how to get to work in 15 minutes (half the commute!)

not too many pictures yet, from every angle our place looks crammed with stuff.
now i could really use a day off.

-love the tiny house