September 12, 2010

Sept 12

It's a random update day of things i took pictures of in my house this morning. And a post about upside down apple cake...don't ask me why.
This is how it looked out my window this morning, a rainy calm day.
So I put on my slippers and ate some
Granola. Yum.
Here's my new purse I got a few days ago
These are my "keep your thoughts straight" boards
This is a funny note I wrote last night
My poo-bear chilling out
And the book I bought yesterday with its wonderful fabric texture
I happen to really like things that are written so I bought this new planner. Love.
Pumpkin I roasted this morning
and the apples we picked yesterday
that's butter and sugar and apples.
Turned delicious. Looks like garbage, smells like fall, tastes like heaven

1 comment:

  1. I just thought you should know:
    a) you shouldn't bake when I am not around
    b)turns out that I don't have a muffin tin
    c) your pup is really cute from a distance