July 6, 2013

Five Things In July

-I must be the world's lamest twenty-two year old.  I've been listening to this playlist at Songza for three days straight.  Over and over again.  I mean come on! It's got songs from Spirit, Brother Bear, Tarzan, The flippin' Lion King! Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Damn... I could go on and on.  By the way, Songza has changed my musical life. For someone who thinks she doesn't like music I can't seem to turn it off.  There is a playlist for every mood.  Except writing, I can't listen to music and write.
-I've been toying with the idea of a real big girl blog for a few months now.  I'm going through the planning steps to make it happen.  One of those things was get a new computer, one far more conducive to blogging and picture editing, and that totally happened! Now I can set the rest of the plan in motion.  I'm having trouble deciding on a theme to spend my money on.  It's quite an investment (for someone coming from blogging for free).  I hope when it happens you really like it.  I know I'm excited!
-I bought this popsicle mold for our summer treats and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  This morning I threw together a frozen yogurt and raspberry popsicle.  Firstly I'd like to say this popsicle mold rocks! They're perfectly proportioned, the sticks stay placed just where they should and they're so darn cute!  It's a great $20 investment  Secondly, the popsicles are delicious! And only 120 calories with a fair amount of protein if that is your thing.  

Here is the recipe:
1 recipe of this frozen yogurt
7 oz raspberries
1/2 lime zested and juiced
1/2 lemon juiced
2 Tbsp honey

Cook the raspberries, zest, citrus juice and honey in a pot until it all comes together. Puree the raspberries roughly and cool them down.
Either make the frozen yogurt or take store-bought frozen yogurt from the freezer to soften.
Layer the chilled raspberry sauce and the frozen yogurt, tapping and poking to eliminate air bubbles.
Freeze for at least six hours.
-There was a get together of cake and coffee for my sister's twentieth birthday on Friday.  To help the celebration I made this insane chocolate cake.  She was so excited it was totally worth the twelve hours it took me to make it.  And I've got to say I'm pretty proud of myself, I didn't know I had it in me!  The recipe came from the cook I've been baking out of the last year-and-a-bit; Bon Appetit Desserts.  It was easily one of the most intimidating recipes in the book. (The other scary recipes are the wedding cakes).  I'll be writing more about it on the blog I have dedicated to the book's progress.
-I'm very excited for the trip my mom and I are taking to Barkerville later this month!  We will be camping for four nights near or at the Bowron Lakes (half checking off a bucket list item here, my goal was to canoe the Bowron Lake circuit and now I'll be able to see wether I really want to make that happen or not).  I'm counting on campfires, silly photos and a lot of history, it sounds like a dream trip for me!

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