July 3, 2010

Day two Portland to Yachats

We started the morning looking for breakfast in portland

and we found it! Stuffed waffles!
Steph had nutella and strawberried and I had crunchy pb and nutella.

of course we washed it down with stumptown

before we left we stopped quickly at dynamo dounuts. Mine was toasted coconut

We hardly fit all our stuff into the elevator!

but on our way out we made a stop at target

so then the car looked like this

we stopped on the way for cheries and strawberries

we drove for a while before we made it to tilamook

we drove for a while longer

and then we founds reads homemade candy

they make homemade saltwater taffy

we went to Hecta Head lighthouse, it was really neat

here is a shot of natasha's cankle day two

we went for dinner in town and listened to some music.
here is natasha cleaning the stains off steph's coat

this is where the cherries attacked me

we stayed at this really cute place with a really short shower head

we played on the beach outside our hotel after dinner, where it was very stormy and wet.

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