July 29, 2010

Hiking, July 28

Wow two days went fast.
We started with Tash and I going for a hike up Vedder Mountian (which you should never attempt with a car)
We ended up walking the 2.5 km to the start of the trail and the the 5.5 to the top. When we got to the almost top we saw this,
And we both couldn't stop laughing, we were so tired at that point, but we managed to make it up and saw this view.
It was so nice to be up there.
We had lunch and started back down.
We were dehydrated at the end of our 16km walkand really glad to see Shane.
Tash and I spent the night in a field under the stars which was amazing. We ate breakfast at the wellington and found some really great deals on fabric.
I din't bring my camera but shane and I went to the agrifair in abbostford tonight.

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