April 3, 2011

April 2nd in Vancouver

We (Steph, Tash and I) were going to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge, but the night before I looked at the admission price...$30 freakin' dollars per person!  So that changed our plans real quick.  We ended up at the very cool (and free!) Lynn Canyon.
 I see two other people have cameras too.

 Cool florescent mushrooms

 After our walk we headed over to Moja coffee in North Van.
We had stellar americano mistos.  The beans were roasted on site I believe.
 We had a really great dinner at Burgoo Bistro, I will go ahead and recommend the Dob Diablos. (not pictured)
 We walked around Commercial looking for dessert.
And we finally settled on some unsatisfying gelato.  The end.

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