April 8, 2012

Where in the world has Alyssa been?

So it's the eighth of April and I haven't yet posted.  Seriously, you might wonder, what is going on? It's totally out of character for me to go so long between posting, I haven't missed this many days in well over a year.  I wish I could say what the problem is.  There are a few reasons.  One, I've been doing the same things every day, eating the same food, going to the gym for 2 hours, making coffee, doing lunch dishes and going to work.  Day in and day out. Two, I'm totally not digging on taking my camera with me everywhere, even when things are photo worthy.  Like yesterday for example, when I spent the day with two of my favourite people shopping until we were down to dimes in our (brand new!) wallets.

I'm trying to get my mojo back, I'll miss these days later.  Last year this time was such an exciting moment for us.  With our anniversary, and an immanent trip to Europe being all we could think about (can you blame us?)  This time last year I shared a coffee cake and espresso pudding (both of which I want right now!) and showed you pictures from a hike and a trip to Vancouver.

So far this month I've missed telling you about; a terrific rum cake, (recipe from a co-worker) how my indecision over pizza had us eating two pies instead of one.  The day we cleaned out our second bedroom to make space for my sisters' arrival home from Prince George.  A really cute (very expensive) bathing suit purchased for an upcoming trip to Mexico.  You've also missed hearing about all the great food we've been eating and flowers I've been arranging.  Most importantly I didn't take any pictures of our anniversary day.  Not that there is anything special to tell, Shane worked in the morning and I in the evening.  It is worth noting, however, that my wonderful husband spoiled me with a glass of wine in a drawn bath, a dozen roses and chocolate fondue.  All of which made me feel like a very special lady to have landed such a sweet guy.

Today I might say, was a wonderful day.  I made a breakfast for a dear friend (who surprised me with a beautiful bunch of flowers!!) in the warmth of a sunny kitchen.  The temperature reached the high teens for the first time this year and I was able to spend the day outdoors planting my onion and leek sets, transplanting herbs and seeding tomatoes (!! yay !!)  Gardening, breakfasting with friends and prepping tomorrow's Easter dinner is pretty much my idea of a perfect day.  And there is nothing like a perfect day to get your mojo back.

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