March 31, 2012

22 by 22 - 1/4 update.

As my dear sister pointed out, we are one quarter of the way through the year, which means I'd better get a move on this list!

100 - 10km runs - 10km runs have turned into 10km cross-trainer distances. I'd say this counts.
Go camping three times - Summertime!
Eliminate chemicals from the house...including bleach - so far so good, I haven't bought anything chemically except laundry soap
Read 50 books - I've read 13 books so far this year.
Make one fondant cake - In the works
Plant an awesome garden/do not waste vegetables - I'm on the right track here for sure!
Ride my bike at least twice a week for six months - broken bike :(
Volunteer once - ...eek!
Swim in the lake five times - Summertime!
Two night backpacking trip - Summertime!
Get family photo taken - ...
Do five crafts from my pinterest board - This one will be hard to actually do.
Forage for wild berries and preserve them - Summertime!
One date per month - We're having a blast with these! Month: 1, 2 & 3
Travel on a ferry - Hoping to do this in the summer!
Skinny dip - Summertime!
Sponsor a child
Discover somewhere special in BC - Not yet, again hopefully in the summertime!
Run a half marathon (non-competitively) - yikes! Why did I add this?!
Go 30 days without buying anything I don’t need - I don't know what to say.
Make popsicles - Summertime!!
Finish Europe blog book - Come on Alyssa! Get a move on!

I'm getting there with the list, a lot of my goals occur during the warmer months, as you can see. Which adds a lot of pressure later on, but with Natasha as my accomplice I'll bet we can knock these out of the park!

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