May 15, 2012


Seven beautiful nights in Mexico!  We ate and laughed and did a lot of lounging in the pools.  There was snorkeling and giant sea turtles, 39 degree days and sweating during breakfast.  There were more than a few dance parties, plenty of iguanas, and with more shots of tequila than I can count on two hands.
 The palm trees swayed, coconuts dropped, ankles were twisted and somehow 14 people fit into 11 seats in a van.  The guacamole was plentiful, the sand was everywhere and the breeze gently rocked our hammocks.
 Kids canon-balled while we hid in the shade sipping drinks and the fish fought over the bread we threw in the ocean while stars sparkled overhead.  
Tulum scorched us, the beach beaconed, waves crashed and pictures were taken.  Beer was had and lunch devoured, swimsuits were dried in no time at all.

Seven books read in seven short days, seven towel animals set on our bed by one wonderful housekeeper.
The wedding was wonderful, the boys looked handsome.  The bride was ravishing with her vail aflutter.  We cried over vows and toasted with champagne, one kiss changed two lives.
To the rest of our friends: LETS TRAVEL!

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