May 24, 2013

Best of May

Oh what a wonderful weekend

My big toe nail came off (casualty from my marathon)
We had a fantastic date day, followed by a fantastic date night
We slept in! (Twice!)
I made an awesome cake with all of the odd pots of cherry jam in my fridge
We visited with Shane's parents
We spent an forty odd minutes in the border line up getting back into Canada. (I might have yelled
a few unkind words to the budgers in front of us)
We had a Costco date with Natasha and Dylan
We fed Tashlyn cheese ravioli with red pepper sauce and garlic bread
Our friends brought their 2.5 week old baby for a visit
Shane's job interview seemed to go well
Our little family went on a small hike to my favourite waterfall
And finally a charcuterie plate for dinner


  1. What kind of a plate for dinner?!

  2. Sounds like the weekend was great. Loved the cake. Oh but I just like cake in general.... :-)