May 23, 2013

May Date Day

Oh, we had the best day.  
It was our May date, kayaking for the two of us.
We picked what might have been the only Tuesday of the entire year we were both home to take advantage of Tuesday's two for one deal.  
It was a cold and very wet morning, dark as can be when we set out on our first adventure kayaking.
The ocean water was salty and and calm in the inlet at Rocky Point.  
We paddled to the seals who floundered about on a pad of logs and swam in and out of the water.  
A little puppy face popped up right near Shane's boat and tagged a long as we rowed away.
We glided through the rain a few kilometers past factories of sulphur and shuffling trains.
We used our two hours to enjoy our perspective from down on the water.
When we got back to shore my hands were very cold.

We warmed them with bowls of chowder at Granville Island.
It wasn't the best soup we've ever had, but it hit the spot.
We were cold and it was hot.
We shopped about the market for spices, coconut, maccha tea, meats and cheeses.
We ate my favourite Rogers chocolate and sipped coffee beneath gorgeous wooden beams while rain dribbled down the windows.
To kill a little time before dinner we went to the by-donation night at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Shane and I came out steaming with an intense hatred of modern art.  
It blows my mind to think about the $20-something ticket prices.
To raise our spirits we spent some time browsing books at chapters until we were sufficiently happy again.
For dinner we had muscles and fries at our (his) favourite restaurant.
They were darn delicious!
The beer was great (They've got all the stuff we drank in Belgium)
And dessert was something special. Maybe Shane's favourite ever?
Smoke, Scotch and Bacon.
Because I had worked the night before (until 7 that morning) I slept the whole way back home.
Amazing date day!

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