January 5, 2009

a sort of funny story

In keeping with a winter theme, happy snow day!
We got an extended vacation this year.
S. also took a snow day.
So we made a desert we've been meaning to finish.

Green tea ice cream, vanilla genoise, blood orange curd, soft meringue and blood orange reduction. Though the components sound odd, together they taste amazing.

Since we couldn't find and matcha powder on the shelves of the stores in our small town we went to Starbucks where we knew they had it.

"Hey" we said to the little girl working "We need green tea powder"
Her, "Ummmmmmmmm, whhhhhhhhhat?"
Us: "You know the stuff you make green tea lattes with, we'll pay you what it costs to make the drink but all we want is the powder"
Her: "ohhhhhh, I ...don't....knowwwww"
Us: "We just need a little to cook with"
Her: "... ... ..Ohh! okay!! You can just have some! How much??"
Us: "Like two tablespoons"
She comes back with 1/3 cup.
Her: "Is that enough"
Us: "YUP!" and we quickly scamper away.

The following morning I spilled all but two tablespoons of it on the floor.

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