June 5, 2010

June 5th

These potates grew in less than a week, they're 6 inches already

My handiwork today...the hydrangea bush cut down by half

Steph and I walked down to gwynne vaughan park for their plant sale which was really nice.
We got strawberry shortcake and tea and sat in the beautiful garden, I'm really bummed I forgot my camera
But I did take a picture of the four (4!) tomato plants I got for a dollar (1!...1!) each
They are: stupice, prudens purple, golden nugget, and juilet

I just LOVE the beautiful pink color of these roses

I made the halfway cookies again for a boy at shane's work, I think it's the first person who's ever paid me to bake for them!

Erin Natasha and I went for vietnamese for lunch today. Their chicken noodle soup belongs on my list, it was so good!

All and all a wonderful outside day, (I even wore my new dress!)

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