June 4, 2010

Garden update taken on May 31

These pictures were taken on May 31, and we've had so much rain that I'll try and take some more tomorrow and show you the huge difference.
The leeks are doing really well and the onion aren't dead...lol, they're not growing much, but they take a while anyway.

The beans are growing well.

The peas too, growing like mad

The parsley is taking over the rosemary, so much better than last years parsley

And the swiss chard I've started thining

My basil's leaves are turning yellow, I think it might be to much water

And the potatoes have sprouted

The oregano and thyme look so good, even last years have come back well

Both the eggplant and cucumbers have grown a bit. Not a lot though

This is our biggest strawberry so far

And I don't know why but my kale is so spindaly...ideas anyone?

My romaine is only doing a slight bit better than it was

The arugula is okay

The dill is nuts, It grows at least an inch a day

The carrots have all come through nicely

The beets are really cute

The three tomato plants are doing very good.

Five shallots have come up, two are still MIA

My spinach is really not coming up, I know it's a little late to plant, but I've only got about 5 good sprouts out of a whole row

The broccoli on the other hand is coming in nicely

Of the four pepper plants only the one in the back is doing very poor, it's being eaten by something and hasn't grown at all

Summer squash and zucchini are both growing well

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