June 13, 2010

Oh yum, I remember these! They were great, Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes
Yes I think everyone would eat those again, we needed them while Shane's mom was having surgery

We also ate this delicious rice bowl that night

Just look at the jowls on that dog!

The next night I made this really great pizza. If you want an awesome recipe go here.
Just be sure to start it around lunch and punch it down one additional time.
It makes two big pizzas so put one in the freezer

It was on Tuesday that I took Hunter to soccer with steph.

After he won we picked up Cheyenne and Natasha (and her crutches) an went to coldstone for icecream.
It was awesome! and then we went to find a dress for Natasha and Cheyenne.
I ended up telling Natasha to buy the same dress as me, that we wore the same night because I forgot I bought it 3 weeks ago. Lame-o

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  1. Tasha's boobs look so much better in that dress than mine