June 9, 2012

Date day?

With one completely random and short notice day together Shane and I tackled a few items off "the list."  Hobbies we could enjoy together.  (Probably the best thing for our relationship since our three months traveling Europe, it's seriously gold for two people who have no hobbies in common.)  What fun we had!  I started our grey morning with the best strawberry shortcakes.  Angel biscuits (accidentally double the shortening, whoops!) from Paula Dean, vanilla whipped cream and strawberries in sugar and lemon juice.  Try and top it.  I think Shane ate about six.

We hit up the garden store for mini plants.  It's terrarium time!  Pebbles, charcoal, moss and soilless soil.  One wet, one dry.  Cute!
Too much pebble/moss/dirt perhaps?
We painted while the doughnuts rose.  Spring theme!
We baked (fried) doughnuts together.  Fantastic!  This recipe here.  We drove them around town, dropping them off at friend's houses.  We might bribe friendship, I'm not really sure.
I didn't take a picture of dinner, kale and garlic pizza.  Probably our favourite pizza ever.  No joke.  
This is the finished paintings, hanging in our room.  Obv. mine is the top one, complete with flying snakes.

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