June 5, 2012

The week

We received the family pictures we took last week.  Don't we look great?
We're pretty awesome sometimes.

I commandeered Tash's iphone for pictures on Saturday as we walked...
...To the plant sale.  I had high hopes, but nothing really felt right.
strawberry shortcake sounded right, but wasn't.  Classic store bought cake with coolwhip.  Disappointing!
Runny eggs for breakfast.
Tash and I made a summer bucket list, which has been hung properly since this photo was snapped.
Peonies are one of my favourites!
Rearranged the way I see it.
New picture! & picture frame.
This Prosecco-Rhubarb Jelly was fan-freakin-tastic! I gobbled it on toast, on spoons (and would've used my finger but it's to damn jelly!)
Say hello to the golden hour.
A garden to swoon over!
Planting dehlias. Late? Maybe. Shadup.
Rice Pudding to not rock your world.
Tash's new car!
Brownies with caramel ice cream, whop whoooop.
&fresh vanilla beans. Su-weeeet!

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  1. We are awesome all the time! I had a great time at the photo shoot. Thanks for the great gift!