June 19, 2012

June 19

An impromptu local road trip: courtesy of our new iphones!
Breakfast at Round Up Cafe - Surrey BC (opthamologist pre appt)

A quick drive (with some seriously dilated pupils) to Lynn Canyon
Two people in one picture?! No way! 
(You're going to be seeing a lot more of these!) 
(Squinty eyes due to huge pupils in distress)
30 foot pool was awesome.  
The water comes out of the mountain into a pool about 30 feet deep and crystal clear.
I kinda wanted to jump in the glacier water.
Back to the roots
We drove up Cypress Mountain to the lookout.
Hello Vancouver.
Gettin' my drank on at Olive & Anchor in Horseshoe Bay.
Some seriously great eats.  
Oyster Po'boy and a steak hoagie (thingy)
Will we ever see the sun?
Mussels.  Millions of them.
Whytecliff Park
Quite the climb
Reward: My favourite lemon and buttermilk pie from Savary Island Pie Co.
Unreward: Two hours in traffic.

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  1. What a fantastic day!
    I loved the forest pics. Amazing clear water and the exposed roots on the trees are fantastic. They must be so old!