July 26, 2012

Date Night

Date night (day) number 7!  Our date was to go hiking.  It's something I like much more than Shane.  Since he isn't a huge fan I wanted an easier hike, more of a walk.  The hills around here are huge and steep, there aren't many non-strenuous hikes to be found.  We hadn't been to Mt Baker before and I've been told it's only 45 minutes across the boarder, so I found a nice easy walk there.  Little did I know that I found a hike at the south end of the park, not the much closer north end.  

List of things I forgot: bread, Off, water, flip flops.

We had to stop and buy a baguette, lied at the boarder about having cherries on board and drive 2.5 hours before we finally reached the park.  We sorted out a parking permit (sorry about the Canadian $5 in your money box!) and brave the overwhelming formaldehyde pit toilets.  Finally we set off down the beautiful trail.  We got about a kilometer in before being warned there was a bear on the path up ahead.  We chickened out of our walk and sat on a bridge overtop of the river where the large black flies couldn't reach us.  

The trail was beautiful, huge (and I mean massive) old-growth trees, layers of moss and cool air gusts from dark caves.  We waded into the glacier river.  Water cold enough to cramp your feet.  We laid on the old trees and entertained ourselves by the water.  Before we knew it, it was time to go.  Back in the car we went, another 2.5 hours home.  Shane made a beautiful smoked pork dinner and we finally drank the requisite bottle of wine.  
Our menu:
goat cheese
double creme brie
crusty baguette
apricot jalapeno preserve
beef jerky
queen anne cherries
ritter chocolate bar

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