July 28, 2012

Boys and their Toys.

Would you believe me if I told you I had to talk Shane into letting me buy this for him?
A charcoal grill.
What kinda guy is he?
One concerned I'm going to freak about money at the end of the month. Ha! 
We got such an awesome deal on this grill.  $99! 
I love shopping for a bbq cover and coming home with TWO bbq covers and a new grill.
Hows that for impulse spending?
Dog loves box.
Very simple to put together. 
We had it done in no time flat.
Boy love bbq +
Girl loves food =
Luckily he can cook easily on it too!
We had cajun spiced chicken quesadillas.  
Super yum!
Don't mind the paint job on the garage, we rent.  
And we're moving!!

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