July 5, 2012

ilife 2.0

hello there.
life from the iphone here.
mostly instagram...'cause I love it.
we're stretching waaaay back here. 8 days!

hello there fresh cuts.
i love you.
the caption on this read, cheers to bad news.
there was no bad news
the bourbon was the bad news.
and it really was.
p.s. happy canada day. 
breakfast, all homemade
homemade strawberry rhubarb jam
garlic scape pesto with a fried egg.
garlic scape and herb pancake.
(and the too many scapes plight continues)
date night! (morning)
had the hardest time picking this orchid out
made slightly less hard by the fact that i had to give it away.
tie-dye success!
burgers for lunch with the MIL
happy 42nd birthday to her!
my flowers love the sun that finally came out to play.
thank god.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the lovely orchid, sorry you had to give it away. I will treasure it though, you know. <3 Lunch was great too. Love you.