June 27, 2013

I made this weekend work

So, my week(end) looked like this:
burgers from the diner (delicious! will go back!)
strawberries, a lot of them
two kinds of jam:
strawberry vanilla bean jam (favourite ever!)
perfect strawberry jam (not perfect, too runny)
these almond joy cookies (they were perfect)
a seriously awesome dinner of empanadas and salad

a trail run (such fun! can't wait to go again)
coffee with my mom
a dessert I made for friends
dinner (a very delicious one) courtesy of Maia
and a perma smile around the baby!
bleaching the couch (never. buy. white. again.)
coconut rice pudding and black tea ice cream (meh)
a new treasure of a coffee shop found
crazy cool iranian spinach soup with meatballs (Ash-e-esfenaj ba koofteh) 
now back to work!

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