June 21, 2013

June Update

We're in one of those slumpy June weather weeks where everything is cold (for the veggies) and rainy.
I'm always ready for summer in June, but it's never ready for me.
I fall for it every year, like a sucker.
My mom and I went for a rainy hike anyway, we were wet and sweaty,
because even though it's wet it's still 17 degrees.
We went to my waterfall and once again the green of the rainforest took my breathe away.
It always will.

As soon as we got back from our hike/camping trip I made this rhubarb cake which was absolutely delicious! Especially with the creme fraiche drizzled on top.  For real!
I'd recommend it.
I'd also recommend this rhubarb fool.
We had it a few days ago, and I haven't really stopped thinking about how much I unexpectedly enjoyed it! In fact I made it again for dessert tonight! (Except I forgot the sugar)
Speaking of delicious things I should probably show you this picture of Butter with his favourite thing ever: peanut butter.
He was so confused! We nearly did backflips trying to get more of it out of the jar when it was on his nose.  He just couldn't figure out he had to trip his face forward instead of back. 
He had us in stitches!
Lastly, we had this salad for dinner last night and I had a whole second salad it was so good.
I was kind of unsure about the lemon/olive oil dressing, I'm usually disappointed.  But pita/sumac combo (fried in butter) had me coming back over and over.  Maybe not the healthiest...I should try less butter next time.  It went straight into my recipe binder.

I've got a busy weekend (working weekend) ahead of me.  
Heather's graduation get-together in the middle of my "sleep day".
And we're entertaining on Sunday night (can't wait to see these friends, it's been far too long).

One last thing; check out this pretty picture (but don't make the recipe):

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