June 30, 2013

Almost July!

The weather of late has turned warm and wonderfully soup-y.  
It's humid like you wouldn't believe,
but I'm so happy, it's like being on vacation!
Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the humidity is how you know you've arrived!
(and we've got central air in our place, which is a wonderful respite)

My sleeping as of late has been horrible.
The summer vacation means our neighbours are home all day.
Which is fine if you don't need to sleep.
Just today I was woken up to the sound of furniture being dragged by our neighbours above us.
Four nights of terrible sleep and I'm not really feeling much like myself.
I'm loving our grill.
We fire it up a few nights a week.
Just last night we grilled salmon and ate a wicked coleslaw.
And we had sirracha, green chili cheeseburgers the night before.
Like I said, yum.
I'm terribly excited for the next few days,
tomorrow being Canada day and all.
We've got plenty of fun lined up, if I can only get through these last two nights.
I forgot to tell you...I got a new computer!
I'm over the moon with excitement!
It's just so...efficient! 
It's big and beautiful and hella fast.
There should be plenty more posting coming your way!

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