May 29, 2010

May 25-29

This post is a series of random things.

Tuesday was the day we got the last of our wedding photos! Exactly 7 weeks after our wedding. It's our own fault though...
The best of our wedding pictures can be found here.

That morning I also made these for Momma D...HAHA! She needed them that day
They were fantastic!

On Wednesday Shane made me delicious dinner
yummy steaks
which we ate on our new patio set (the first night we could actually use it)
we plan to use it a LOT this summer.

After three (THREE!) full days off Shane went back to work and I made him this!
Cheesecake brownie icecream, which turned out great (or so he reports, I still can't taste anything)

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  1. I so did need them and they were so good. Thank you my dear.