December 3, 2010


(From a few years back)

I'm having a bit of a dilemma here folks.  You see, my birthday is just a few short days away and I need to choose a birthday cake recipe.  I'm a chocolate girl through and through so the first criteria is that there must be chocolate, but to be honest after that there is no criteria at all.

It may be good to note that coffee and peanut butter are my second and third favourite things (not together of course.)

I don't know what to choose.  Do you have any recipes to share?


  1. I say chocolate peanut butter. Or hazelnut, chocolate and coffee. I get to eat whatever it is. I like ice cream. Just something to think about.

  2. What about a chocolate mint cake? I believe that would be seasonally adequate

  3. what about an espresso chocolate?

  4. I think all of those sound awesome. Now I need a reliable recipe. Cakes are one of the few baking things I usually fail at.