December 21, 2010


We finally took advantage of our Cyrpess passes from 2 or 3 years ago and had an amazing time this past Sunday snowboarding. We left bright and early in the morning, loaded on all our gear and his the hill. I only face planted seven times that day! My neck still hurts.
Midway through the day we met up for lunch.
Chili, jalapeno and cheddar scones, rosemary and vinegar chips, apples and coffee.
There is nothing better than coming in for lunch and warming up with a steaming coffee. Even shitty coffee.
Cypress is the most beautiful mountian I have ever been on. The views would make me stop mid run and sit in the snow to gawk at the beautiful scene. You can see the ocean and most of Vancouver, and it was a clear afternoon so we could see very far.

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