December 21, 2010

My birthday

Wow! I am way behind!
I haven't posted in a week and last time I did post I didn't even tell you about my birthday. We've been extremely busy around here, even just ten minutes to sit down is a rare occurrence.
On the 13th we had cake and coffee at my mother's house, and someone who loves me gifted me the most comfortable, cute pajamas.
The 14th started with breakfast at a local cafe followed by a morning of clothes shopping and a trip into Vancouver. We ate mussels and fries and drank incredible Belgian beer. The my two besties joined us for dessert which we devoured!
My husband gave me a camera bag I so desperately needed, but not just any old camera bag either. This one has a waterproof hard bottom and hanging suspension. Sweet!
We spent the following week working and baking and mentally preparing for this week.

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