February 21, 2011

Feb 21

I would just like to point out to everyone that it is 5:30pm and still light! 
Though it looks like this

and I would like it to look like this.

We're back from our winter vacation to Big White, you can find all our pictures here, on my flickr album.  We ate like a bunch of pigs, so I've come back with an extra few pounds to lose.

It's incredible to think that in less than two months I will be in Paris.  I can honestly say that the first thing I want to do (since our plane lands at 8:30 am) is find a cafe and order a cafe au lait and a pain au chocolat.  How incredible!

We've almost finalized the itinerary, which has been a source of conflict between Shane and I, since I want everything nailed down in stone and he wants room for spontaneity.  It's hard to find a balance because spontaneity does not go well with my anxiety.

We did, however splurge on a b&b in Paris for our first five nights in Paris.  Our budget is 45 euros a night for a room through out Europe, but as an anniversary present to each other we decided to stay here, for 72 euros a night.  Eek!

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