February 25, 2011

Feb 25

So just a few hours ago I found my life list for 2010 and though you haven't seen it I thought I might let you know how I did.

My Life List 2010
  • Make a nice rice pudding
  • Make 3 loaves of bread-done
  • Attempt bagels once again-done
  • Make my own pasta-done
  • Can 4 types of preserves-done
  • Candy citrus 
  • Write down everything I eat for 2 weeks-done
  • Eat a BBQ pork bun-done
  • Make puff pastry from scratch
  • Sleep under the stars-done
  • Make gnocci-done
  • Make natasha a wonderful veggie burger-tried to at least
  • Make yogurt-done
  • Make my own ricotta-done
  • Try a falaffel

That's pretty good I'd say.  I didn't get to 4 out of the 15.  I'd like to point out that my list was very food heavy.  I need other hobbies.  Maybe I should think about making one for this year.  Natasha?  What do you say, are we making lists?

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