February 3, 2011

A night in Germany (73 days)

So we spent a night in Germany.  We ate:
 Slow cooked kielbasa and goat cheese spaetzle
 Two different kinds of beer, the more clouded one was a wheat beer, it actually tasted like a slice of bread all yeasty and delicious.
 Homemade pretzels with hot german mustard
and to finish it off a black forest cake.

Now normally I would post a recipe here for my favourite recipe of the evening, but nothing really blew me away.  The cake was not very good, the actual cake part was not light enough, way way to dense.  The pretzels were okay, not as good as I expect to find in germany, and the kielbasa nothing to write to you about.  I can't wait to try the currywurst!  And finally the spaetzle, which was very good, is a far to easy to find recipe for me to post here.  

I suppose it is fair to say I didn't love the meal, but I also didn't put a tonne of effort into it, except in the cake, which was just disappointing.

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