February 11, 2012

February 11

What should we talk about?  Can we talk about the beautiful weather that has left us?  The warm sunny days that called me outside, warming skin that so badly craved sun.  The vivid blue skies that exploded above our heads every time we walked outside.  Now the damp grey skies envelop us once again, the branches drip with fat rain drops as the  water hangs in the air.

I've made gluten free bread and delivered jars of summery apple-peach jam.

We ate brioche toasted, fresh and cooked into pudding.  You can find me baking bread pudding over here.

I've been running, rain or not.  We've snowboarded soaked down to our skivies, freezing our pants to the seat on the chair lifts as we swayed in the cold wind back up the runs.
We've been spending cold evenings curled up with books or watching our favourite tv shows until our eyes grow heavy.  Isn't that the way of winter?

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