February 1, 2012

January life

I was determined, while walking in a bright blue sweater and carrying a camera in my arms between downpours of rain two mornings ago, to find life in a bleak January landscape.  I heard swans honking in the fields across the river, and I could just make out their long crooked necks pecking at the ground.  I heard the chirps of the winter bird fluttering about, the stellar jays darting and calling.  There were ducks flapping in the cold river and water splashed about covering waxy wings.  Squirrels sailed between trees, like flying mice with bushy tails.  They scuttled and moved seemingly with the wind.  And then there were plants, flowers with the most unexpected colours.  So subtle you had to squint to focus, but upon closer inspection became very apparent.  It was the life I needed to see.


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  2. Its coming! Spring is showing up in tiny sprouts!