February 29, 2012

Shane turns 28!

Shane's birthday weekend was a whirlwind!  There were breakfasts, runs, chinese food lunches.  There was baking and grocery shopping, (multiple times) coffee and cards.  Everything led up to the poker game.  Rented chairs, borrow tables and a big cash prize.  I made food, lots of it, which was all promptly devoured.  In the end Shane won, he's elated!  He tripled his birthday money!  I foresee a lot of snowboarding in his near future.
Whiskey cake in a jar.
Breakfast sandwich for the birthday boy!
Thyme seedlings! 
No pictures of the rest of the food, but this cheesecake was awesome!

1 comment:

  1. Good investment on your money Shane!
    So happy for you that your birthday was celebrated with flair!