December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

December 25th is gone again.  The most hyped day of the entire year, sadly lasts no longer than any other.  Ours was pleasant, comfy and nice.  Shane and I woke up early, opened our gifts to each other, (we split the prepaid dates this year and I'm madly in love with the results) while I baked cinnamon buns.  We divvied up the pan and celebrated with our respective families all morning.  My Opa was admitted to the hospital Christmas eve (which has to be the worst day to go in) so I paid him a visit around lunch time.  We spent the afternoon at Shane's parents house and had a lovely steak and lobster dinner (Did they win the lottery and not tell us?).  When we got home we went for a lovely evening stroll and crashed early into bed.  Here are a few pictures of our lovely day:
Opening stockings
Best gift!
Gifts for others
His gift 
Shane + Dad
Steak and Lobster

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