December 29, 2012

Two-thousand Twelve in Brief

Twenty-twelve, was by all accounts a tame year for us.  We spent the year hunkering down, without many trips or treats.  (Okay, there were treats, just not as many as in years past). That isn't to say there wasn't a lot of change in 2012.  Natasha lived at our awesome house with us for the summer, we moved to a different town and we went down to a single income while Shane went back to school.  Here is a bit of our year, in recap.

January: There was an amazing winter storm that kept us home for days, and we do love snow days.

Febuary: We did sneak in a little overnight trip to Vancouver, courtesy of Shane's work.

March: The most eventful happening in March was our desperation for winter to be over, my symptoms were acute this year.  I wrote a post about spring coming (even though it wasn't really, for a long long time) and we had a f-u winter party, and our awesome date really cheered me up.

April: Steph and I stole a trip down to the Skagit Tulip Festival.

May: may was all about Mexico and T&G's wedding.

June: We went camping on Orcas Island.

July: a weekend trip to a friend's cabin in the Interior, an overnight hiking trip gone wrong, and another family camping trip.

August: Gardening, flowers and a trip to Penticton, (oh & wine!)

September: We downsized everything we own by half and moved into a 450 square-foot apartment in Mission, Shane started school.  It was crazy. (I also got my wisdom teeth taken out)

October: We saw Stuart McLean!

November: I ran my first half marathon!

December: I turned 22, and Christmas passed.

I can't believe that's it and that's everything!  It was a very nice year to be alive.

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