December 23, 2012


Wow.  So I just checked and it's been 11 days since my last post.  Oh man, I'm terrible.  I wish I had posted more, but honestly I had no time.  None at all.  I didn't even tell you about my birthday.  It was awesome, but you knew that.  You folks were the ones that spoiled me!  Then I worked, Natasha and Dylan came over for dinner.  I hosted a cookie swap.  I ran a lot.  Then I got sick, it ruined my plans for an entire weekend.  I did some shopping.  I made a lot of treat bags to give away as gifts.  I got spoiled some more for Christmas.  I ate the granola I was going to give away.  I made more granola.  There was no peppermint extract left at the store.  I went on the hunt for peppermint extract.  There was a wine and cheese night.  There was the mall two days before Christmas.  Not on purpose, I got major sick the few days before.  Now there is more treats to be made for more gifts. And more work I need to do to make money.  Then there is Christmas, brunch, dinner, work and two more dinners.  We might watch a movie, we did watch the Hobbit. To top it all off they did construction outside our place for a week (we have a new patio!!).  Things have been insane.    And all that time I would have spend blogging I have spent driving instead.  Forgive me.

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