April 1, 2013


It’s officially here, Spring. Rarely do I remember feeling the change of seasons so strongly. It’s typically indistinguishable from winter, possibly rising a few degrees, always with rain. This year was different. The rain stopped, the sun came. The temperatures are especially warm during the day and even with a clear sky the nights are not too cold. The flowers have taken a special shine to all the sunlight. Day by day I watch the tulips grow and the daffodils flourish. Overnight the magnolia came to life. Now the air smells sweet, of flowers and dirt, of fresh cut grass and smoky grills. Children run at the parks, everyone leaves their houses. Oh how different our communities would be if weather didn’t keep us inside.

The sun fills my soul with happiness. I’m joyful and lighthearted, my sun is here. I feel as though we’ve escaped another winter, by the skin of my teeth. Like winter’s claws reached out and caught me by one nail, left a gash on my skin and growled it’s winter warning. I’m so relieved it’s over. Now we can heal, and grow and flourish, like the flowers and the trees. The sun goes down later every night, almost 8 o’clock last night. It’s the gift of a few extra minutes every day. A bonus of a clear sky, means the light lingers even longer, I count this among my blessings.

My days this long weekend have been full of work, trying hard to sleep (not easy), a very long run and plenty of sunshine. Easter was a blessing this year. We went for a BBQ dinner at my grandparents (ate outside!) and yesterday evening we drank mimosas, played badminton and feasted on a delicious brunch for dinner. (My contribution was a berry-yogurt cake, fruit salad and roasted potatoes. Mom’s a spinach salad, grilled sausages and waffles.) It was brilliant to see Natasha and Dylan, even as a short surprise trip I still feel lucky. It would be great now, though unlikely, to get some great sleep!

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  1. It was such a great weekend! Family together great food and the warmth and sunshine was just the icing on the cake! Delicious cake though! I love our time up at cultas too sweetie, thanks!