April 26, 2013

Real: April 26

Real talk.
It's a three day weekend for me.
I'm so jazzed!
It's spring! 
I'm so happy.
I had a good night sleep in my bed. Can you tell?

The sun is (and has been) shining.
It was actually hot! in the sun yesterday.
We drank wine on the patio.
And I made a lemon meringue ice cream pie.
Ice. Cream. Pie! 
There are rhododendron buds on my table and cherry blossoms in my window sill.
And we ate grilled asparagus with our venison sausages the other evening.
I went on a hike today and listened to the birds and the flies buzzing around.  
I was surprised at the variety of flowers I saw growing wild.

This weekend will be delicious.
The current plan (always subject to change) is:
calzones + broccoli slaw + strawberry lemonade
chicken skewers + asparagus + zucchini spiced couscous
(also strawberry basil mojitos)
chorizo mac and cheese + roasted broccoli
By the way can I turn your attention to my new favourite site on the internet?
Try this site for anything food related.
Need to use up some fennel?
Punch it in and watch the list grow.  
So many ideas, so little fennel.
Want tacos for breakfast?
Type in tacos, then scroll down and watch the lists on the left until you see the box for breakfast.  
Now you have only breakfast tacos.
I wanted an alcoholic drink with coke in it.
I searched alcoholic drink and then on the left bar: search with ingredient: coke
Seriously, best invention ever.
It's all the bookmarks I would have ever saved, but search-able.
I'm in love.

I'm also in love with the following:
these three overnight hikes. (must do one this summer)
getting the window sill in my apartment widened.
canoing this lake.
and this book that is currently being shipped to my door.
My goals for the weekend:
drink a few cuba libres
run my last training run
take my planters to Minters to get filled
eat, a lot
bake banana bread
go on our April date (if the weather holds)
bleach the couch.

So glad we talked! Happy weekend!

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  1. So great to have 3 days to relax and do what makes you happy! And spring time is glorious!!!