April 21, 2013

(Not a complaint)

What to say...
I’m exhausted
These night shifts are too much
It’s all consuming work, all the time.
My body obsesses over sleep.
I’m chronically tired, even with seven hours a night (day)
The days blur together.
Six long nights, six crappy sleeps, six fuzzy evenings.
Then one lone day off.
The highlight of my week, where for 24 glorious hours I don’t have to be at work all day.

I don’t have time or desire for things like blogging.
Nothing happens in my week anyway.
All I do is sleep, eat, and think about more sleep.
And try not to sleep on the drive home every morning.
And on my day off I’m running around catching up on errands and visiting my family, since I have no time to do that either.
Money I love you, night shift I hate you.

I’m going to wonder where the heck I was for this period of my life when I look back on it.
There you go future self.
You were in one state of sleep or another for months on end.
(And you trained for a marathon)
The end.

Today after my run we painted.
The only colors we could choose from were shades of blue,
and I asked for stripes.
I love how different our paintings always come out.
Shane made omelettes.
We ate the last of the butter-mint ice cream.
We watched How I Met Your Mother.
I drove Shane to Abbotsford to be with his friends.
It was nice.
I can’t wait to sleep.

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