April 9, 2013

Anniversary + (late) February Date

Shane and I celebrated our third year of marriage on Saturday past.  We did the things that were perfectly us and combined the celebration with February's date.  In summary: we slept in(!), ate mallorca, took our dog for a walk and then headed to Abbotsford.  Shane bought me a mug (I'm a huge lover of coffee mugs) and a sports bra (it was about time, how sexy right?) and bright pink running socks.  Our official February date was bouldering at the gym.  We didn't do all that well, it's much harder bouldering (climbing without ropes to a hight of thirteen feet) than rock climbing (with a harness), but we had a lot of fun anyways.  (Must do that again!)  For dinner we tried to get a table at a local Italian place, but it was packed and not really our speed anyway.  We defaulted to Cactus Club, like we usually do, but as always the food was great, so we won in the end.  Almost as soon as we got home I had to leave for work, and that was the end of a great day.

The past three years have been great.  I'd say they were the best three years of my life, but they've basically been the only three years of my life.  Luckily for me there isn't really a "before" Shane, it's either been childhood, teenage angst, or my life with Shane.  I'm totally fine with this, in fact, I'm more than fine; I really enjoy spending my time with the person who's seen me grow and mature, on good days and bad.  He's the one person who knows me inside and out, which makes me feel safe and loved.  I couldn't have imagined three years ago that I would anywhere close to where I am today, which makes me so excited to dream about our future.  So many thing will happen in the next three years, heck even one year, that I can't even begin to conjure up the adventures we will live in this life.  Here is a celebration of our future, and our past.
Mallorca, mallorca, mallorca!

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  1. Sorry I missed your third anniversary, but I am glad that you had a wonderful celebration for just you two. That probably will mean more in the long run than anything. Love you both. Mamma H. and Pops.